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How digital advertising evolved!

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Advertising is the medium to tell your audience about your visibility or presence or recall. Since advertising having different role to play around you, digital advertising is one the concept to reach worldwide.

A Brief History of Digital Advertising

In 1994, the banner ad took over the web. According to Wired Magazine, the company HotWired launched banner ads from 14 companies. Each banner ad was 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels deep. And legend has it that the very first one of these ads was from AT&T. The ad asked, “Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE? You will”. And they were right. From there we saw the first ad server NetGravity in 1996, the first Google AdWords in 2002, the first YouTube ad in 2005, and the first Facebook ad in 2007.


Data and Targeting:

Data is the key of advertising, without data no one can do the targeting. Because of the same now a days ecommerce, BFSI collect the data to know consumer behavior & do targeting accordingly.

Rich Media in Digital Advertising

Rich media majorly use for any launch of product or services. As a result rich media comes in innovation to attract the user to engage.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is came in 2014 in India, On the basis of consumer interest create the content accordingly , There are two benefits of native advertising , one is consumer engagement level  or you can say average time of website increases big time & other benefits for others publisher  get  traffic from these websites. Similarly, on business prospect Tabola, Outbrain & others company are associate with content based website  by giving them business solution , in both of cases  they will make money. As a result we see more customized data driven campaigns.

Cross-Channel Interactivity in Digital Advertising

Cross channel activity is belong to attract by similar ad of diiifrent-2 website. So it is executed to engaged user or re-targeting by follow user cookies. As a result, Re-Marketing is being popular for traffic oriented sites.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is growing very fast in India, client wants to use the pragmatic tool to deliver high result & play safe. In addition, data analytics has further supported more accurate decision making process.

Therefore, we see variety of campaign designed using technology mixes.

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