The workshop will focus on various aspect of entrepreneurship, such as:

Define/ the entrepreneurial mindset :

First of all work with your startup team to select a problem area. Second, analyze the context and define a problem statement. In other words, make a roadmap. Third, attending such workshop will assists you in defining your true business sense.

Customer Discovery and development: Workshop

First of all, learn how to identify right customer of your idea. Then, Segment the target audience and develop them. For example, Competitor analysis, Research and analysis, segmentation, etc. In fact, it is one of the major aspect before you introduce your business into market. Besides its helps you in chalking out better introduction of your company.

Design thinking: workshop 

In addition, infuse technology trends and use Design Thinking to generate lots of new ideas. For instance, Learn and implements new technological advancement into your work style. Coupled with designed thinking, the idea will take a better shape.

Idea Validation

Meanwhile, experiment and test whether you have found a big opportunity. It can be done by validating your assumptions with potential users. In short idea validation will help you in viability and sustainability of your idea.

Idea to scale:

In addition, Develop a business model and build a prototype so you can demonstrate your idea. Above all, make sure that the idea is scalable and flexible with time and demand.


On other hand, Prepare, Practice and Present your new startup idea to an expert panel and get valuable feedback.

Since it is an alarming situation towards our health Due to COVID 19 pandemic.

So, currently we have postponed the workshops till normalcy.

Therefore, we request our visitors to keep connected with us via Social media platforms for further information.

Digital Marketing Workshops in Delhi NCR

Date: Saturday, 28  December 2019

Time: IST 10:30- IST 13:00 UTC+05:30

Venue: Bliss Marcom NOIDA

Date: Saturday, 12 Oct 2019

Time: IST 11:00- IST 14:00 UTC+05:30

Venue: Bliss Marcom NOIDA

Date: Saturday, 23 November 2019

Time: IST 11:00- IST 14:00 UTC+05:30

Venue: Bliss Marcom NOIDA

Date: Saturday, 12 October 2019

Time: IST 11:00- IST 14:00 UTC+05:30

Venue: Bliss Marcom NOIDA

Date : Saturday, 31 August 2019

Time: IST 11:00- IST 13:00 UTC+05:30

Place : JSS Academy of Technical Education, NOIDA


As all the workshops are unique and objective oriented, we keep the essence intact w.r.t. it.

Therefore, our team research well in advance on the selected agenda.

Moreover, we keep our workshop interactive. So that our attendees can discuss their queries for quick attention and resolution.

Similarly, we add domain experts as our speakers to provide insight of the latest industry practices.

For example: E commerce is the booming sector. So invite experts from industry to share their latest practices.

In fact, we encourage the attendees to be an active participant into the workshop.

Lets create a professional learning culture!

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