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Artificial intelligence (AI) impact on “Publishers” business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing technology, made possible by the Internet, that may soon have significant impacts on our everyday lives
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For Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing technology, made possible by the Internet, that may soon have significant impacts on our everyday lives.

Current Uses of AI:
Although artificial intelligence evokes thoughts of science fiction, artificial intelligence already has many uses today, for example:

  • Digital Advertising: Digital Advertising is widely using Artificial Intelligence to ensure maximum success, it is being used across platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram to provide the best possible experience. Analyzing data spot & behaviour of user information like gender, age, interest, and other aspects to target them with relevant ads and information to capitalise marketing objectives.
    With the help of  AI technology, marketers can spot micro trends and even predict & design trends. They can then make strategic decisions. As a result, brands can reduce digital advertising waste and ensure that their spend delivers the best possible results.

  • Email filtering: Email services use artificial intelligence to filter incoming emails. Users can train their spam filters by marking emails as “spam”.
  • Personalisation: Online services use artificial intelligence to personalize your experience. Services, like Amazon or Netflix, “learn” from your previous purchases and the purchases of other users in order to recommend relevant content for you.
  • Fraud detection: Financial institutions, agencies, Data analytics firms, surveillance agencies, etc uses AI to determine if there is strange activity on your account. For example, suspicious Foreign transactions shows flag by the algorithm to identify the unusual.
  • Speech recognition: Applications use AI to optimize speech recognition functions. Examples include intelligent personal assistants, e.g. Amazon’s “Alexa” or Apple’s “Siri”.

  • AI in Retail: AI in retail help teams across the globe improve efficiencies across their workflows. Automation processes help brands with accurate data creation and help provide context around shoppers’ needs and behaviours. With Artificial Intelligence(AI), retailers can create data models to derive insights and in-turn build prescriptive or predictive decision engines. This can help retailers with things like demand forecasting allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.

AI driven Machines and devices which we interact with today, is designed to perform specific tasks within a domain such as ; language translation, financial transactions.

General AI is hypothetical and not domain specific, but can learn and perform tasks anywhere.

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